Majia Nadesan

Majia Nadesan researches political economy and biopolitics (the politics of life). Her interests are diverse but are broadly concerned with economic, social and environmental justice. She has published 4 books: Fukusima and the Privatization of Risk (Palgrave); Constructing Autism (Routledge); Governmentality, Biopower and Everyday Life (Routledge); Governing Childhood (Palgrave). Her most recent book, Fukushima and the Privatization of Risk explores the world’s worst nuclear disaster, & is the primary focus of her blog.

Camilo Jose Vergara: Tracking Time

“For more than four decades I have devoted myself to photographing and documenting the poorest and most segregated communities in urban America. I feel that a people’s past, including their accomplishments, aspirations and failures, are reflected less in the faces of those who live in these neighborhoods than in the material, built environment in which they move and modify over time. Photography for me is a tool for continuously asking questions, for understanding the spirit of a place, and, as I have discovered over time, for loving and appreciating cities”.

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