Neoliberalism & Everyday Life-Conference Brighton


Early in September IUD are presenting a paper at Neoliberalism and Everyday Life, the annual conference organised by Nicola Clewer for CAPPE, the University of Brighton. Keynote speaker for 2014 is Imogen Tyler, author of Revolting Subjects: Social Abjection & Resistance in Neoliberal Britain. Our paper is entitled All materials of value have been removed: everyday cleansing in the neoliberal housing environment.

The paper draws on extensive visual research & walks around a council housing estate undergoing the fragmentation, ruination and slow violence that accompanies a PFI bid. We are aiming to create a performative lexicon of forms and materials that evidence the impact of neoliberal housing economics on a place where people live. We will examine how an area being gentrified is subject to processes of social and architectural cleansing and offers a material expression of everyday covert cleansing operations.

Respond to Neoliberalism & Everyday Life-Conference Brighton

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