Producing Waste…

CF000313 18x24

Photographer Chris Jordan has created a powerful series of images on a remote atoll, which evidence how our everyday waste (lighters, bottle tops etc) is lethally consumed by baby albatrosses.

Below are more resources which are helping us better observe and understand waste as a material and a productive force in our work

Since 2008 photographer and film maker Wang Jiuliang has been investigating the ring of garbage dumps that surround Beijing. (In 2013 IUD was privileged to exhibit our work alongside his in Guangdong Art Museum). This is a trailor for his film:

Archaeologist William Rathje who created Garbology, wanted to develop an archaeology that engaged with the possibility of transforming the future rather than simply accounting for the past. Rathje, who died in 2012 can be seen talking about these ideas in this video:

A voluntary Garbology project organised by students at the University of Washington:

Practice based research into rubbish by artist Alice Bradshaw, see her blog.

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