“Finally Got The News” – Radical Documentary

How do workers coordinate a struggle when the bosses and Union are the enemy?

Inspirational radical documentary made in the late 1960’s in association with the League of Revolutionary Black Workers. The film charts the racism and exploitation of black auto workers in Detroit and their attempt to collectivize and gain a voice in their workplace despite the violence and corruption used to suppress them. The League didn’t just see the need for black workers to organise but emphasized the potential power of all the working class.


A film by Stewart Bird, Rene Lichtman and Peter Gessner



Detroit: Do I Mind Dying: A Study in Urban Revolution by Dan Georgakas and Marvin Surkin

A 1998 reissue by Haymarket Books that chronicles the development of the Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement and the League of Revolutionary Black Workers. The 1975 study is an important moment in the American black labour movement.

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