Pendleton Soundscape

As part of the Promising Home exhibition at The People’s History Museum  IUD have been walking with a range of people who have responded to the environment in Pendleton. Sound artist Rob Griffiths made a work based on the sonic textures of the estate.mistake-textureRob Griffiths – “This is a composition made from a number of field recordings made on a single visit to Pendleton in Summer 2016. A number of the field recordings were made in the overgrown voids that were all that remained of the high rise residential buildings. The sound captured here was simultaneously natural (birds and insects) and urban with a constant, underlying droning from the nearby expressway. I then filtered and processed this underlying drone to separate it. Other field recordings were made in the nearby ‘Salford Shopping City’ shopping centre and adjacent market.”

Pendleton Soundscape Link

void-1-copy“I’m a sound recordist who is constantly recording and occasionally mixing the everyday environmental sounds I encounter. I’m  keenly interested in the Proustian ability of sound, unlike images, to relocate you physically and historically in the location it was captured.”



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