The Alive Playground


The Alive Playground is a simple -both elegant and readable- intervention by Brígida  Campbell in a children’s playground in Pendleton, Salford. The work was created in collaboration with IUD, and local school children who played happily and noisily in their break time whilst Brigida made sound recordings.

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Neoliberalism & Everyday Life-Conference Brighton


Early in September IUD are presenting a paper at Neoliberalism and Everyday Life, the annual conference organised by Nicola Clewer for CAPPE, the University of Brighton. Keynote speaker for 2014 is Imogen Tyler, author of Revolting Subjects: Social Abjection & Resistance in Neoliberal Britain. Our paper is entitled All materials of value have been removed: everyday cleansing in the neoliberal housing environment.

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Majia Nadesan

Majia Nadesan researches political economy and biopolitics (the politics of life). Her interests are diverse but are broadly concerned with economic, social and environmental justice. She has published 4 books: Fukusima and the Privatization of Risk (Palgrave); Constructing Autism (Routledge); Governmentality, Biopower and Everyday Life (Routledge); Governing Childhood (Palgrave). Her most recent book, Fukushima and the Privatization of Risk explores the world’s worst nuclear disaster, & is the primary focus of her blog.

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